Help and Advice

There are 2 methods of fixing Bike Shelters, Bike Stands or Bike Racks; over ground fix or underground fix. Depending on the location for the installation and a few other factors both have their applications. Every project is different and we will always recommend the most cost effective and suitable system for you and your project. If you are still unsure of which type is best suited for your project then please call us on 0800 246 1723.

  • Recommended for soft surfaces or for a neat finish on paving slabs (Tarmac, grass, paving slabs etc.).
  • Ultra secure fixing using 250mm x 250mm blocks of concrete as ‘foundations’.


  • Recommended for solid concrete bases
  • Cheaper and quicker to install
  • Uses secure expanding M12 RAWL bolts
  • Allows flexibility if relocation is expected.
  • Avoids underground services