Bike racks for offices: your complete guide

Increasingly, potential employees are looking at what perks a company offers before they even apply. It’s a factor in employee attraction and retention. These perks range from the headline-grabbing ‘pawternity’ (time off for new pets) to instantly-gratifying free snacks.

Perks are becoming as wide and varied as roles themselves because, in addition to things like healthcare and flexible working, it’s all about getting the culture right and creating an atmosphere where people are happy and healthy. This includes the choice of how to travel to and from work.

Why do offices need bike racks?

Cycling is great for you, and being able to cycle to work means you can easily fit exercise into your daily routine. With benefits for your fitness, mental and physical health, your wallet, and the environment, getting from A to B has never been so rewarding. Indeed, the benefits of cycling are something more people are picking up on.

According to, people cycled 26% further in 2016 compared to 2006. And of the trips people are taking, 38% of cycling trips are for commuting. While this all seems like great news, the number of trips people are cycling is similar to those taken ten years ago – it’s just we’re travelling further. Obstacles to cycling remain.

One of the largest barriers is perception of danger. In 2016, 59% of adults aged 18 and over in England agreed that “it is too dangerous for me to cycle on the roads”. Other obstacles include:

  • A lack of convenient and secure bike storage
  • Poorly designed roads
  • The condition of the roads
  • The weather
  • Bad driving

Some of these, of course, are out of our control. But there’s a lot that can be done to improve the situation for current cyclists, and encourage more people to get on their bikes. As an employer, you can easily remedy one of these problems; you can provide suitable bike parking facilities.

What bike racks are good for offices?

As an employer, you’ll be looking for bike racks that are cost-effective and easy to maintain. But you’ve also got to consider what will be easy to use and convenient for employees.

At The Bike Storage Company, we understand the need to balance these demands, and offer products which deliver on all fronts. Our highlights for offices include:

  • Semi-vertical cycle racks. If you’ve only got a certain amount of space – inside or outside – these racks maximise the amount of storage you can offer. They can be placed against a wall or installed back-to-back, and come with a security locking hoop so both the frame and wheels can be secured.
  • Two-tier bike racks. Doubling the capacity of single-tier storage solutions, the top tier simply slides out and lowers down so users can easily secure both the frame and wheels of their bikes. There’s even a gas-assisted version which takes most of the weight.

If you want to use racks outside, bike shelters provide the additional coverage to protect bikes from the elements. To complement the surroundings, wooden shelters are available, as well as steel frames which can be hot dipped galvanised or polyester powder coated in a range of colours.

When considering where to install your bike racks, remember the following points:

  • Are the racks close to your offices? People don’t want a long walk after cycling to work.
  • Do they offer protection from theft and vandalism? Bikes are valuable; employees will want to feel comfortable leaving theirs.
  • Can people easily access the storage while pushing their bikes? Having to struggle through poorly-designed spaces is only going to create frustration.
  • Have you considered installing showers? Shower facilities are likely to have a persuasive influence when people are deciding whether to cycle to work.

You can always contact us for free site visits and tailored layout plans for your project. We’re able to work with the space you have available, and provide bike storage which only takes up the same area as a few car parking spaces. Yet the value added is more much than can be expected if that space was used as car parking.

The benefits of installing bike racks for employers

Still not convinced? Perhaps the knock-on effects of bike racks will convince you:

  • It contributes to a positive culture. Any efforts to encourage a healthier and happier workforce demonstrates you’re a company which wants to create an environment people enjoy spending time in.
  • It shows you care. When employees see you’re actively making efforts to improve their working day, it sends the right kind of message. It’s all about supporting people at work.
  • Employee attraction and retention. The right culture is infectious – it keeps people happy in their roles, and draws attention from potential employees too.
  • It’s good for the environment. By reducing the amount of car journeys to and from your offices, the carbon footprint of your company is reduced. Plus, everyone can feel great about doing their bit for the environment.
  • Your company will reap the rewards too. Happy employees are also more productive. Having cycled to work, they won’t have experienced the same commuter stress. Instead, they’ll have had some fresh air, arriving at the office awake and ready for the day.

The benefits of the right storage shouldn’t be overlooked. The effects can have an impact on the bottom line of companies from all industries and all sizes. For instance, we’ve worked with Amazon, Cancer Research’s head office, the Bank of England and many more.

You can also enquire with your local authorities to see whether they’re providing grants to help businesses in your area with the cost of cycle parking (and sometimes showers) as part of their Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) projects. As many businesses rent their premises, this could be a great option – but we also have above-ground fixtures on most of our products too.

For all the talk of cycling revolutionising the way we travel, commuter cycling is yet to take off everywhere. It’s not a viable option for the masses. It’s time to change that, and give people the choice to cycle to work. Ensure more people can make their journey to your offices on a bike by installing the right cycle racks.

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