Amazon Eco Trolley Shelter


Amazon Eco Trolley Shelter


A beautiful combination of a wooden frame and mild steel bracketry – ideal for those seeking green design foundations. Made from FSC EU sustainably sourced timber, making our Amazon Trolley Shelter an environmentally sound trolley shelter.


All of our shelters and stores are fully customisable, offering a wide range of options to adapt this product to suit your requirements exactly.

The timber frame is pressure treated and is included within our 10-year guarantee. As standard, the metal bracketry is hot-dipped galvanised but can be powder-coated to a choice of colours as needed. Covered with UV stable anti-vandal polycarbonate sheets.

The Amazon Eco Trolley Shelter is designed to replace one car parking space with standard dimensions of 4200mm L x 2500mm W x 2300mm H.

Designed to accommodate 3 rows of trolleys side by side, allowing for a total storage of 36 shopping trolleys. Due to the modular design, they can be installed side by side, or end to end to create larger areas.


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