Fixed Two Tier Bike Rack

£132.00 Inc VAT

£110.00 Excluding VAT

Fixed Two Tier Bike Rack

£110.00 Excluding VAT

£132.00 Inc VAT

The Fixed Two Tier Bike Rack offers a cost-effective solution for double stacking bike racks. Staggered at 375mm between the bikes and two tiers, it offers increased cycle storage capacity. Supplied inclusive of locking hoop.



Looking to provide as much bike storage as possible? The fixed two tier bike rack maximises the use of space available, increasing bike storage capacity easily. The racks are spaced 375mm apart, and double-stacked so you can fit plenty of cycles within the area.

The two levels are fixed, so cyclists can place or lift their bikes into the channels in order to lock them up. The design includes a fitted locking hoop, which means both the frame and wheels can be secured – a feature cyclists appreciate, as it gives them peace of mind their bike is safe. It also fulfils one of the key BREEAM requirements.

You’ve probably noticed in recent years that cycling is getting increasingly popular and, as a result, there’s a greater demand for such bike storage. Fixed two tier bike racks are a cost-effective solution to the need for cyclist-friendly storage, ideal for the following environments and more:

  • All places of work
  • Housing developments
  • Train stations
  • Educational premises

Anyone working on a commercial project will also be happy to hear that our fixed two tier racks meet BREEAM criteria, helping to contribute to the sustainability and effectiveness of your development.

BREEAM is a great way of ensuring you’re making the most of the resources available. This is something The Bike Storage Company can help with too. Our site surveys are free of charge and can help you maximise the value of cycle storage – by looking at the location and ideal products, for instance.

To benefit from our experience and quality products, book a site visit or order bike racks today.

Priced per cycle space.

Additional information


Height – Minimum height required 2500mm

Depth – 1900mm (an additional loading space of 1500mm is required)

Width – Centres of 375mm, total width dependant on quantity ordered

Lead Times

8 – 10 Weeks


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