Two Tier Bike Rack

£155.99 Inc VAT

£129.99 Excluding VAT

Two Tier Bike Rack

£129.99 Excluding VAT

£155.99 Inc VAT

The Two Tier Bike Rack is the ultimate for achieving excellent space saving bike storage whilst ensuring a usable system for your users. Offering superb usability and exceptional value it has become the bike rack of choice for any area requiring high density bike storage such as stations, universities, shopping centres, car park and offices.

The Two Tier Bike Rack accommodates all types of bicycles which are securely supported in the tyre channel. The rack also offers high security as both the wheels and the frame are able to be locked to the rack. BREEAM Compliant.



Do you have limited space to store numerous bikes? The two-tier rack is the answer, as it provides double the capacity of single-tier storage solutions.

It’s easy to use too. The top tier simply slides out and lowers down to allow easy access for users to secure their bike. Both the frame and wheels can be locked to our two-tier bike rack, maximising the security on offer and allowing for BREEAM accreditation where applicable.

The Bike Storage Company is passionate about encouraging more people to cycle. The two-tier bike rack is the type of product which helps to break down the barriers to cycling. Installing such racks provides an easily accessible, convenient and safe place for people to store their bikes.

It eliminates the worry about where to leave cycles, and whether they’ll be secure. Even when space is a premium and the demand for bike storage is strong, the two-tier bike rack proves there’s a solution for all needs. It’s ideal for several places, including:

  • Housing developments
  • Offices
  • Train stations
  • Schools and universities
  • Public buildings

With its modular design, it can be extended to store an unlimited number of cycles. It’s the rack of choice for any area requiring high-density bike storage. What’s more, you can choose the number of spaces you need and achieve space-saving results that’ll work for your project.

As the popularity of cycling grows, the need for such storage is becoming a factor in commercial success. Be forward-thinking and order two-tier bike racks today. User-friendly, exceptional value, and secure, both you – and the end-user – will be satisfied.

Priced per cycle space.

Additional information


Height – Minimum height required 2500mm

Depth – 1900mm (an additional loading space of 1300mm is required)

Width – Centres of 375mm, total width dependant on quantity ordered

Lead Times

4-6 Weeks


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