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Secure Cycle Racks For Commercial Premises

11th April 2019

As a developer of commercial premises, you want to appeal to investors and renters alike so your buildings are full and the people that work there are happy.

One way to do this is to provide practical amenities – including secure cycle racks. 37% of cycling trips are for commuting and business, so storage is a necessary addition to warehouses and office buildings. Safe, accessible cycle racks could even encourage the most dedicated drivers to get on their bikes and enjoy the benefits of cycling.


The needs of businesses can vary, but there are still plenty of requirements they all have in common when looking for their premises, including:

  • A safe building with all the necessary legislation in place, such as health and safety measures, insurance and licenses
  • An affordable lease, license or commercial mortgage
  • Enough space for the company and any furniture or equipment
  • A good balance of comfort and practicality – the space should look smart and have good lighting and heating
  • A convenient location for their employees, customers and suppliers, with parking, good transport links, and secure bike storage facilities

Even though it’s easy to overlook something like bike storage, when you’re working in the same place every day it can have a huge impact on how you travel there and back.


Before you choose a commercial property to develop, it’s important to check crime rates and assess the level of risk in the area. Low-risk areas are worth more and the value of your premises will be higher, since businesses want their employees to feel safe.

The value of your premises can also be increased with minor renovations like improved heating and cooling systems, updating the space around the building, cleaning up the building itself, and decorating the interior – new flooring and a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for improving the appearance of a room.

Major renovations like structural improvements are worth considering if they’ll make a big difference to value and attract more high-quality tenants.

If you’re building on empty land, you have the opportunity to think about how your premises can meet all the needs of businesses.

Office building of the year

Some commercial premises go above and beyond to meet the demands of businesses and stand out in the industry.

For example, a converted tram shed in Dalston won Office Building of the Year. While its impressive architectural features (like the barrel roof and high ceiling) will have played a part, it also has amenities appreciated by both employees and visitors, such as:

  • Natural light
  • Air conditioning
  • Branding opportunities
  • Breakout areas
  • A gated car park
  • Secure cycle racks
  • Showers

We all know how light and space can improve our mood, but things like bike storage can be overlooked. People who cycle to work often say how they arrive refreshed and ready for the day. It’s still got to be easy for them to make the choice to cycle though, or most people will just opt for the car or public transport.

The secure and convenient bike racks installed at this Dalston office were recognised as one of the great amenities. Installing showers is also a good way of encouraging more people to cycle to the premises, since they’ll have somewhere to wash before they start work.

Another notable premises is The Alphabeta Building in Finsbury Square, London. It’s the city’s first cycle-in office and allows workers who commute by bike to ride down from the lobby to the ground floor, where they can use the inside storage. There’s no long way round or standing around in the cold to lock up your bike.


We’ve established that cycle storage is a valuable feature for any commercial premises to have. But what about keeping it – and people’s bikes – safe? No one wants to leave work only to find their transport has been stolen.

Thieves are opportunists, so prevention is key. The more effort a potential criminal has to make, the less likely they are to end up committing the crime.

How to make your bike storage more secure:

  1. Look for storage solutions with extra features like fencing, locks, and anti-climb paint. Locks that conform with British Standards will offer enough protection.
  2. Use good lighting. Thieves and vandals don’t want to be caught, so a well-lit area will deter them and help cyclists feel safer when it’s dark.
  3. Install CCTV cameras. Like lighting, they act as a deterrent, and can be used as evidence if a crime does occur. It’s worth asking a security company to help you figure out the best place for the cameras.
  4. Consider using a security alarm system.
  5. Join a local business-watch scheme. Owners of commercial premises are notified when there’s a break-in in the area, giving them the chance to reassess their own security measures.


At The Bike Storage Company, we offer simple, secure solutions to suit your commercial project, including:

  • Shelters and storage
  • Enclosures
  • Two-tier racks
  • Lockers
  • Stands
  • Racks
  • Wooden shelters
  • BREEAM cycle storage
  • A complete installation service

We have a range of standardised products, and bespoke designs are also available for your individual requirements. We’re able to cater to any concerns you might have about your premises, including limited space, limited budget and higher crime rates in the area.

High risk areas

Working in an area with a higher crime rate shouldn’t stop people from cycling to work. A store made from prison-grade mesh will protect bikes from thieves or vandalism. Smaller premises could use a reinforced, police-approved locker.

High demand and/or limited space

Whether you’ve got lots of people who want to store their bikes or you don’t have much room for storage, two-tier bike racks store bicycles at two levels and help maximise the space available to you.

Limited budget

Vertical bike hanger shelters cost less than other types of storage and can be fixed against free wall space.

Environmentally-friendly products

Our eco cycle shelters are clad in FSC timber. FSC are a global forest certification system and their approval means products are made from wood from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials.

Research from the British Council for Offices shows that 16% of office workers say inadequate facilities discourage them from commuting by bike, while only 47% of existing bike storage facilities are covered and secure. Installing secure cycle racks will attract potential tenants, keep their employees happy, and give you an edge over the local competition.

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PurelyPesto Limited
July 15, 2020

Great products & fast delivery, great comms, thank you

Geoff Haran
February 6, 2019

My Company Pennine Maintenance bought a 20 space Cambridge Two Tier Cycle Shelter and installe d this at a prestigious business park in Manchester. Installation was very easy and our clients are delighted.
Would recommend for the service & cost to profit margins available from The Bike Storage Company compared to other suppliers.
Geoff Haran, Director

Paul Woods
June 17, 2020

Excellent Bike Rack, Fast Delivery and great communication. Many thanks!

Alexander Garton
June 18, 2020

The bike rack arrived promptly and was what I expected. Certainly more expensive than the chea p racks that came up on a search on Amazon, but then you get what you pay for and this was the right quality for me. So I'm glad I used these guys and didn't try to go for a cheap one.