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  • Bike storage solutions: 5 of the best

    Cycling has become a national interest. Only a decade ago it was considered a niche hobby, but the success of British riders in the London Olympics and recent Tour de France competitions has spurred on millions of people to get on their bikes. The British cycling team is dominating in competitions around the world with individual and team achievements stacking up, and the public are responding by taking up the sport in their droves.

    Whether you measure it by the bikes sold or the number of cyclists on Britain’s roads, the industry is booming. Here are some statistics to prove it:

    • More than two million people across the country now cycle at least once a week, an all-time high, according to British Cycling
    • According to the National Travel Survey, about 7% of the population over 5 cycled three or more times a week in 2015
    • Cycling is the UK’s third most popular sport
    • 42% of people (around 25 million people) own a bicycle
    • Around 3.5 million cycles were sold in Great Britain in 2015

    Not only is it a favourite hobby, but people are also using bikes to travel to and from work, instead of driving or using public transport. The government’s Cycle to Work Scheme, a tax-efficient programme that allows employers to buy and hire out bikes to their staff for a regular payment, attracted a record 183,423 employees in 2014 – up 11.6% from the previous year.

    What the popularity of cycling means for businesses

    If you’re taking on a commercial project, you should be interested in providing your users the opportunity to easily and safely store their bicycles.

    Whether you’re building from scratch or refurbishing properties, compliant cyclist facilities are a part of the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) as well as Code for Sustainable Homes too.

    Evaluating the procurement, design, construction and operation of a development against targets that are based on performance benchmarks, BREEAM helps investors, owners, landlords, facilities managers and occupiers to:

    • Reduce operational costs
    • Increase efficiency
    • Enhance asset value and increase market demand
    • Attract tenants and occupiers
    • Improve the wellbeing, productivity and satisfaction of people working in the building
    • Contribute to corporate social responsibility, business reporting and sustainable business leadership

    Having suitable cycle storage facilities will contribute to these factors, as well as to receiving your overall BREEAM rating. For example, it’s easy to see that having a secure place to lock up bikes could improve the satisfaction of a worker who previously had to squeeze onto a busy commuter tube. Encouraging people to cycle to work, rather than drive, is also a sustainable move.

    Criteria for cycle storage to meet BREEAM compliance includes:

    • Sufficient secure cycle storage spaces for the number of people in the building, or use of the property
    • The storage must be protected from weather
    • Both the frame and wheels must be able to be secured to the rack, floor or wall
    • The rack or shelter should be fixed to a permanent structure
    • There should be a gap wide enough between each space to allow for bike access and storage
    • The storage must be located within 100 meters of the property
    • For all details, see BREEAM’s full criteria and check out our break down of what BREEAM means for you

    However, not every bicycle storage facility will comply with BREEAM. The good news is that all shelters and storage offered by The Bike Storage Company meet the regulations. We’ve also got expertise on large scale projects such as Southbank Tower, Amazon – Principal Place, and Lillie Square, London.

    To help with your requirements, we’ve gathered five of the best solutions.

    5 of the best bike storage solutions

    Cycle storage doesn’t have to be ugly. Instead, it should be a welcome addition to your commercial project. That means it should be cost-effective, offer great security and protect a number of bikes from the elements.

    Our products lend themselves to a number of environments and will prevent overcrowding, secure bikes safely, and offer you space-saving options. All made in Britain from high quality, durable and corrosion resistant materials, each of the following storage solutions will provide you the optimal facilities for storing bikes, whatever your criteria.

    1. The Two-Tier Bike Rack

    For high density cycle storage in commercial or public areas, this is one of the best bike storage products. Where cycle spaces need to be achieved in small areas, the two-tier bike rack delivers. It’s compact bike parking at its best, supporting and storing all types of bicycles.

    The two-tier bike rack also allows for both frame and wheels to be secured, meeting BREEAM requirements for security. In fact, one of our clients reported a massive reduction in theft after installation.

    Not only great for achieving excellent space saving, it’s a usable system for your users perfect for high density bike storage such as stations, universities, shopping centres, car parks and offices. The flexible modular design allows you to add more racks as demand grows. It also includes locking hoops to secure the frames and wheels to the cycle rack.

    Key statistics

    • Made in Britain
    • 15-year anti-rust warranty
    • Requires minimum 2400mm ceiling height
    • From £110 excluding VAT per cycle space (quantity discounts apply)
    1. Semi Vertical Bike Rack

    For an extremely flexible option that can be used in spaces where there’s limited head height, semi-vertical bike racks are a great choice. They can be placed against a wall or back-to-back, creating an island and drastically increasing the usage of space, perfect when it’s a premium. The semi-vertical bike rack can also be infinitely extended, making them ideal for commercial applications.

    A locking hoop is provided to allow for both frame and wheels to be secured, making this storage solution BREEAM complaint. Choose the semi-vertical bike rack for great security in tight spaces – it’s a state-of-the-art storage option for bikes.

    Key statistics

    • Short lead times
    • From £58 excluding VAT per cycle space (quantity discounts available)
    • Made in Britain
    1. Original 10 Space Cycle Shelter

    With secure shelter for 10 bikes and the option to expand at a later date because of the innovative modular design, the Original 10 Space Cycle Shelter is our most popular choice. It’s adaptable across a wide range of applications, including schools and universities, offices, public buildings and housing developments.

    There is the option to enclose the shelter with gates and side panels. Whatever your environment, it’s a great option for security. Electronic swipe card access and solar lighting can be added, for instance. As standard, it allows both frame and wheels to be secured and is BREEAM compliant when fully enclosed.

    It’s also a great addition to the environment, encouraging and allowing people to cycle in the knowledge they can safely secure their bike away.

    Key statistics

    • Hot dipped galvanised and powder coated for long lasting finish
    • 15-year anti-rust warranty
    • £1,095 excluding VAT
    • Made in Britain
    1. Amazon Eco 10 Space Cycle Shelter

    The Amazon Eco 10 Space Cycle Shelter is an attractive FSC wood-clad option that’s also environmentally friendly. With a secure rack for 10 cycles, allowing both frame and wheels to be secured, it’s perfect for all commercial applications.
    We offer you numerous options – such as high security gates, electronic swipe card access and solar lighting – to tailor the storage solution to your needs. The shelter is supplied as standard with galvanised frames and sheet metal roof, but polycarbonate and timber roofs are available upon request. It’s sure to protect bikes from the Great British weather.

    Not only is it environmentally friendly and secure, it could encourage more cyclists. One happy customer reported that the installation of this shelter increased the number of cyclists to their office.

    Key statistics

    • Wood clad FSC timber
    • Galvanised steel frame for added security
    • 15-year anti-rust warranty on frame
    • £1,795 excluding VAT
    • Made in Britain
    1. Sheffield Cycle Stand

    As the most popular street cycle stand used nationwide and across the globe for practical, secure and cost effective cycle storage, the Sheffield Cycle Stand is a great choice. It’s perfect for a huge variety of locations from offices to train stations. Simple to install, it’s also cost effective and can be finished to your requirements – galvanised or in stainless steel, for example.

    Whatever your requirements, we strive to deliver quick lead times even on non-standard orders.

    Key statistics

    • BREEAM compliant
    • From £24.99 excluding VAT per stand
    • Various finish options to suit local environment
    • Made in Britain
    • Option for high security bolts

    Benefits of choosing The Bike Storage Company

    Providing quality shelters to your users – be that at offices, in town centres or other public places – encourages people to get on their bike in the knowledge they’ve got somewhere safe and dry to store it at the other end. In the modern day, it’s becoming a necessary facility for employees, students, shoppers and other visitors. Be part of the cycling revolution and enquire about bike storage from The Bike Storage Company today. The benefits of choosing us include:

    • All products are made in Britain and are BREEAM compliant (following some basic guidelines)
    • Bespoke solutions available
    • Free charge site surveys and in-depth product/layout drawings
    • Quantity discounts available
    • A highly skilled installation workforce

    Contact us today for more information about any of the products or services we offer.

  • Lillie Square – Phase 1 Delivered

    The Bike Storage Company has been working with architect’s PDP London over the past 2 years, consulting on proposed cycle storage and street furniture to meet local authority planning requirements on behalf of Capco to deliver Lillie Square. This 1 million square foot scheme is one of the most high profile residential developments in London, transforming a 7.4 acre car park on Seagrave Road into 808 high-end new homes and outdoor green spaces.

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  • McLaren Technology Centre - Two Tier Racks

    As prestigious projects go they don’t get much better than the McLaren Technology Centre. Following a site visit it was establish our Two Tier Rack was the ideal solution. Our counterbalanced system offered an assisted lifting mechanism without the requirement for excessive maintenance. Increasing cycle storage across the site from 32 to 80 cycle spaces.


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  • Semi Vertical Racks - Amazon

    Working on the latest phase of developments at Amazon’s Holborn offices. The Bike Storage Company were tasked with providing 200 BREEAM compliant cycle spaces. With space at a premium across several rooms within the site, naturally our Semi Vertical Rack was selected as the most suitable product. With a locking hoop incorporated free of charge, full BREEAM compliance was ensured across this project.

    amazon-semi-vertical-racks-1 Continue reading

  • Dodd Street - Cycle & Refuse Store

    Having been approached recently for the refuse and cycle storage on a housing developers latest East London project; comprising of 90 studio, one and two-bedroom apartments. With such a historical canal-side site, the need for an in keeping cycle/refuse store was never more prevalent. As such our in house design team created a bespoke Amazon Eco Compound, splitting the refuse and cycle storage across two secure areas.


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  • Selfridges Two Tier & Semi Vertical Racks

    At The Bike Storage Company we have completed yet another prestigious and notable installation, this time at Selfridges Oxford Street. The project comprising of our ever popular Semi Vertical and Two Tier cycle racks. The two most spatially efficient racks within our range. Providing Selfridges with a total of 121 Nr. bike spaces, all of which complete with locking hoop to ensure full BREEAM and Secure by Design compliant.

    Selfridges 1

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  • Bow Road - Amazon Eco Shelters & Semi Vertical Racks

    At The Bike Storage Company we have recently completed yet another exciting project, working on behalf of PDR construction on their latest Bow Road development. An exciting development consisting of 36 two & three bed apartment’s.

    Amazon Eco Bike Shelter + Semi Vertical RackWith the project seeking a BREEAM excellent rating, our design team worked alongside PDR to produce 3 bespoke Amazon Eco Shelters housing a total of 67 Semi Vertical Bike Racks. Each shelter accessible through a series of double doors secured using magnetic locks controlled via residents existing access fobs. Continue reading

  • Complete Guide to BREEAM & Sustainable Development for Commercial Properties

    BREEAM compliance can often be one of the toughest accreditations to achieve on any project. This however has now been made that bit easier with the production of our BREEAM compliance guide, providing you with all the information you need. With a dedicated BREEAM compliant range and an expert in house design team, we are perfectly placed to assist with every aspect of your project. Right through from design to manufacture and installation, let us do the work! In addition to the comprehensive BREEAM guidance, our guide provides you with expert industry knowledge on making your project as sustainable as possible. Our expert team will not only ensure your project is as environmentally friendly as possible, but will minimise any wastage throughout the project.

    Bournemouth University - BREEAM Compliant Continue reading

  • Hill Partnerships - Amazon Eco Shelters & Semi Vertical Racks

    At The Bike Storage Company we have just completed yet another exciting and successful project, working with Hill Partnerships on the new Hermit Road development, a beautiful collection of 74 1, 2 and 3 bed flats. The Bike Storage Company was approached to provide 2 bespoke Amazon Eco shelters each providing storage for 20nr bikes & 50nr Semi Vertical Bike Rack Spaces - providing cycle storage for every flat on the development.
    Hill Partnerships 8
    For many, these bike racks will undoubtedly become a key part of their everyday lives so it's particularly important here that we did what we could to maximise their longevity. Our Bespoke Amazon Eco Shelters were made from with sustainably sourced FSC timber, provided with a 10 year no rott guarantee. All metal work was galvanised and powdercoated, provided with an industry first 15 year no rust guarantee.

    Hill Partnerships 2We also took care to provide well suited safety placards for the shelters, to keep our users informed and safe as best we can. Whilst there were a lot of requirements to fulfil, the construction and installation of the shelters was completed within 6 weeks - just in time to start our project in Camden.

    Hill Partnerships 5Paddy, Hill Partnerships;

    "The Bike Storage Company performed exceptionally on the Hermit Road scheme. They supplied and installed a product specifically tailored to Hills’ requirements, one of high quality both structurally and aesthetically. The representatives of The Bike Storage Company were extremely helpful and knowledgeable leading to a problem free package delivered on time and to requirements'

  • Wiggle - 40 Space Original Enclosure

    Shortly beforWigglee Christmas The Bike Storage Company was approached by Wiggle, one of the largest providers of sports and cycling goods in the UK. We were tasked with constructing and installing a 40 space Original Enclosure for their new distribution hub in Wolverhampton, something that works all year round and compliments their brand.

    A fully enclosed structure was designed with a vented roof to allow for air circulation during the warm summer months, and was finished in the perfect shade of orange to match the Wiggle logo. We integrated a swipe card access system to maximise security, ensuring it was compatible with the system already in place so it could be accessed using their existing staff cards.

    The product was installed in just two days and temporary bike parking was supplied to minimise disruption.This project is a great example of our ability to design a bespoke product that’s not only fit for purpose but well integrated in to the existing infrastructure. We now look forward to returning later in 2016 to install a second enclosure as Wiggle expands!

    Wiggle 2






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