Bike Racks

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Our bike racks are available in a variety of options, making them a versatile way to store bikes securely.

We offer:

  • Wall mounted bike racks, for areas where there’s not much room. Storing bikes against the wall means you lose minimal ground space.
  • Floor mounted cycle racks, which are easy to use and are bolted to the floor for extra security. They can be extended indefinitely if the demand for storage grows.
  • Freestanding vertical bike racks, which provide greater flexibility, since they don’t need to be placed against walls. You can choose a single run or place two bike racks back-to-back to create a central island.
  • Semi vertical cycle racks, for restrictive spaces where ceiling height is low. A high-security locking hoop is supplied as standard.

All our bicycle racks are manufactured in the UK, in line with British Standards, and they are hot dipped galvanised to ensure industry-leading durability.

We’ll help you identify the areas of your commercial project that will benefit from bike racks, offering bespoke designs if you need them. Once you’ve decided, we can deliver, install, and provide a proactive maintenance programme.

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