Bike Racks

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Discover our top-quality bike racks, offering cyclists a safe and secure storage solution for single or multiple cycles. Ideal for space-restricted areas, our versatile rack selection ensures hassle-free bike storage.

Explore a wide range of options, including:

Two Tier Cycle Racks or Gas Assisted Two Tier Cycle Racks, where utilisation of space is critical and there is a high volume of cyclists
Wall-mounted bike racks, for areas where there’s not much room. Storing bikes against the wall means you lose minimal ground space
Floor-mounted cycle racks, which are easy to use and are bolted to the floor for extra security. They can be extended indefinitely if the demand for storage grows
Freestanding vertical bike racks, provide greater flexibility since they don’t need to be placed against walls. You can choose a single run or place two bike racks back-to-back to create a central island
Semi vertical cycle racks, for areas where a high density of cycle storage is required, but lacking ceiling height for a Two Tier Rack

Choose from a variety of racks below, including those suitable for E-Bikes

All of our products provide thorough protection and are highly secure. They’re manufactured in the UK and are hot-dipped galvanised to ensure an unbeatable level of durability. 

Other benefits of using these racks include:

  • Higher levels of security, thanks to the ability to being able to lock both the wheels and the frames to the rack
  • BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes compliant
  • Single and back-to-back options 
  • The ability to accommodate several different types of cycles 

Not sure which type of rack would work best for you? Get in contact with us for a free consultation.