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Every year, the number of electric bikes on UK roads increases. Supported further by the inclusion of e-bikes in the government’s cycle to work scheme in 2019, cyclists are welcoming the greater choice of greener modes of transport. 

Even though electric bikes are more readily available, one of the barriers remains e-bike storage. Having ample space to lock and leave any bike is a priority of any cyclist. Whether you’re an e-bike owner, office manager, developer or delivery business, it’s worth investigating our choice of e-bike storage. Not only do lockers and stands keep bikes secure, they provide invaluable charging points to keep e-bikes topped up and ready to use. We can also arrange shared access for a fleet of e-bikes. 

Our storage options include an e-bike locker which can be purchased individually for residential use, or expanded to a number which accommodates users at:

  • Offices
  • Train stations 
  • Universities
  • Airports 
  • Couriers
  • Transport services
  • And more

The e-bike charging stand is another great option providing cyclists a place to stop and securely charge their electric bikes. It’s fully waterproof, allowing for internal or external use in a wide range of environments. We recommend all projects include charging options for e-bikes to future-proof the cycle storage you offer. What’s more, we can also retrofit solutions to existing facilities. 

All of our products are designed and built with cyclists in mind – they’re easy to use, provide secure locking facilities and ensure e-bikes are always charged up. Join the green revolution with safe, secure and efficient e-bike storage. 

Order today or contact us for further advice on how to maximise the value electric bike storage can add to your project.