The Vertical Bike Locker

£864.00 Inc VAT

£720.00 Excluding VAT

The Vertical Bike Locker

£720.00 Excluding VAT

£864.00 Inc VAT

A fantastic space-saving bike locker ideal for your home, garden or office. The bike is stored up on its back wheel so using less floor space, freeing up valuable space. Inside this thick, weatherproof, all steel unit is an easy access guide ramp and a wheel retaining clamp. Simply open the heavy-duty, fully galvanised door. Then lift and push the bike into the wide guide rail. Your front wheel lifts over the wheel retaining hook and then drops into place clamping the bike wheel into place.

Made the UK.

Delivered assembled.

Minimum order quantity of 2.


Do you need somewhere secure to leave your bike at home, in your garden, or at the office? The Vertical Bike Locker is ideal. By storing your bike vertically, it takes up less floor space but is still kept in a fully-enclosured weatherproof steel unit.

The guide rail at the bottom helps you push your bike in before clamping the front wheel over the retaining hook at the top. With a three-point locking system on the fully galvanised door, you’ll know your bike and belongings are safe inside once you’ve locked up and left.

The vertical bike locker is also ideal for commercial projects, where cyclists will appreciate the extra space to store their helmet, bag and other accessories. When installed in places like train stations or offices, it’s an extremely convenient bike storage solution as cyclists can leave both their bike and anything else locked away securely. There’s no need to worry about carrying helmets or heavy bags.

The benefits of installing vertical bike lockers include:

  • Space-saving solution
  • Individual lockers for bikes and accessories
  • Guide rail for easy use
  • Quantity discounts available

By providing bike storage, you’re enhancing the value of your project and improving the well-being of anyone who visits, lives, or works in the area. With somewhere convenient and safe to leave their bikes, they’re able to choose how to travel. And cycling is a choice more people are making than ever before.

Order bike lockers to keep up with the growing demand for secure cycle storage.

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1100mm Deep × 800mm Wide × 1990mm High

Lead Time

8 Weeks


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